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2018 Bootcamp Agenda

Separate Ticketed event (not included in main conference registration)

PRE-CON BOOTCAMP – Thursday June 7, 2018

9:30 AM9:50 AM
(Keynote Presentation) Where is the Canadian cannabis industry at today and how is it getting ready for upcoming legalization? What can Canadians expect once the recreational market opens and what will differentiate industry players? What will distinct medical and recreational cannabis industries look like within Canada and why is it important to retain a medical channel? These are some of the many questions that warrant discussion as we navigate this rapidly changing landscape. This presentation will cover these topics while addressing the principal question of: what does the future hold for the cannabis industry in Canada as well as how can Canadian cannabis companies operate as responsible corporate citizens and agents for change? PRESENTED BY: 

  • Dave Bigoni
    Chief Marketing Officer, Canopy Growth
9:55 AM10:20 AM
Levi Swanson will focus on how to maximize the full genetic potential of cannabis plants through proper fertilization techniques. The importance of using cannabis specific pharmaceutical grade fertilizer while growing medicinal cannabis to imperative to the process, and will be explained in detail during this presentation.   SPONSORED BY: 

  • Levi Swanson
    Commercial Account Manager, Advanced Nutrients
10:25 AM11:25 AM
(Presentation) Is your company set up for global expansion—or are you already crossing borders? This session will cover must-have protections and agreements needed before, during, and after expansion; growth-oriented strategies for maximizing intellectual property assets; and the unique liability and other issues facing cannabis companies operating in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Beau Epperly
    Partner, Epperly | Elam

  • Shabnam Malek
    Partner, Founding President of Nat’l Cannabis Bar Assoc., Brand & Branch LLP
11:35 AM12:00 PM
(Presentation) Canada does not require or regulate employee drug testing in potentially hazardous workplaces like manufacturing plants, on construction sites or for transportation businesses (including aircraft operators, taxis/rideshares or commercial vehicle operators such as trucks, trailers, etc.). However, there is a legal requirement to ensure that the workplace is safe and that the health and safety of workers and those they impact/serve, is paramount. Employers can be held accountable for any legal issues associated with employee drug (i.e. cannabis) and alcohol use while on the job or in the workplace. In light of legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, who might hold liability and become accountable for related workplace accidents, injuries or deaths?
Join our panel of experts and learn what policies should be in place to represent employers when worst-case scenarios occur. Also, how can these policies assist in aiding and protecting the reputation of the cannabis sector from negative stigma witnessed in alcohol-related accidents? What resources are available for cannabis-sector participants to educate their networks, clients and related business owners on employment and health and safety risks in preparation for nation-wide cannabis accessibility and use? How can we promote positive cannabis-use policy development and enforcement in our own workplaces and beyond.
12:00 PM12:45 PM
12:35 PM12:50 PM
This presentation delves into the historic parallels and current trends on national and international levels.
12:45 PM1:10 PM
PRØHBTD creates, builds and markets cannabis brands to global audiences. The company has helped more than 100 cannabis companies build their businesses through a variety of brand development and content programs. CEO Drake Sutton-Shearer will lead this exclusive opportunity to learn about cannabis brand building. Drake has spent the past 25 years helping some of the biggest brands in the world introduce and scale their products and services. In this fast paced and informational seminar you will learn how to develop a cannabis brand that will drive sales, create customer loyalty and work within the restrictive framework of Canadian packaging requirements.
1:15 PM1:40 PM
(Workshop) Join Michael Perron, MNP’s Leader for Cannabis Consulting, as he walks you through the regulatory environment in Canadian cannabis and how to develop retail operations. Learn more about cannabis retail legislation and the nuances from coast to coast.   SPONSORED BY: 
1:45 PM2:10 PM
(Presentation) The last 100 years have seen rapid and diverse advancement in agricultural practices. This talk will cover a variety of important milestones that will culminate in the advanced cultivation techniques now in use, or being developed to meet the requirements of tomorrow, including the cultivation of advanced crops such as cannabis.
2:15 PM2:40 PM
(Presentation) As the cannabis industry in Canada approaches full legalization and export market opportunities increase, a microbial contaminant remediation strategy is more critical than ever. Join Arthur de Cordova as he discusses the problems high total yeast and mold counts (TYMC) can cause, the benefits of using radio frequency treatment vs. other treatment methods to safeguard against these issues, and the business reasons for incorporating this solution into your SOPs. RF treatment is an organic, non-toxic, and chemical-free process that retains cannabis potency and terpenes.
2:40 PM3:00 PM
3:00 PM3:25 PM
(Workshop) CEO of Trellis, one of the fastest growing international seed-to-sale software providers, invites you to attend an “Ask Me Anything” workshop focused on current and future innovations that are changing the face of the cannabis industry from seed-to-sale. Working with large scale operators in Canada, California, Switzerland, and other regulated Markets, Pranav has had the unique opportunity to see these innovations first hand and brings his experience to O’Cannabiz to share with you. The workshop will begin with a quick overview of seed-to-sale and then open to an AMA session.
3:30 PM3:55 PM
(Presentation) This session will explore: Contemplating cannabis in pain management and opioid reduction or elimination and the importance of a patient centric perspective to deliver a holistic treatment plan. Focusing on the patient experience and not just cannabis alone will generate more revenue streams while delivering better outcomes for those in need.

  • Kevin Hall
    CEO, International Cannabis Solutions
    Panelist, Presenter
4:00 PM4:25 PM
(Presentation) Understanding key concepts of cannabinoid based therapies, the valuable role education plays in managing specific patient needs and how working individually with patients can optimize their outcomes.
4:30 PM5:00 PM
(Presentation) Cannabis science continues to grow at a rapid pace, and there is an ever growing need to increase education and share information. This presentation will examine recent efforts in bridging the gaps between cannabis industry experts, medical professionals and analytical scientists.
5:05 PM5:30 PM
What are Cryptos, Tokens and BlockChains (Distributed Ledger Technology)? How can this Technology be Introduced to the Cannabis Industry, Benefits and Use Cases. Review of Current Cannabis Tokens, BlockChains and Crypto Technologies The Future of Cannabis Cryptos and why companies need to create a Canna-Crypto Solution now Growing your Cannabiz on the Cannabis Internet BlockChain · How Individuals can Participate in the Era of Crypto Cannabis

  • Vin Maru
    Research Analyst, Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur, Invest in MJ
5:35 PM6:00 PM
(Presentation) Join Michael Shumate, Partner in MNP’s U.S. Corporate Tax Practice, as he walks you through the complexities of U.S. cannabis companies going public in Canadian markets. Learn more about how to structure your corporation for tax efficiencies and remaining compliant with Canadian regulations. SPONSORED BY: 
7:00 PM10:00 PM

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