James Zaza

Toronto, ON, Canada
President & CEO, Zaza Financial Group

The”Canadian Warren Buffett of Weed Street.”

His practice encompasses all aspects of personal and corporate wealth planning for a wide variety of clients, including all self employed professionals, such as athletes, performers, high-net worth and ultra-net worth individuals with a particular emphasis on wealth creation with investment guarantees, retirement and pension structures.

Another major aspect of James’ practice includes incorporations, corporate reorganizations, the structuring of investments and business tax planning, estate planning, business successions and liquidity events.

James is a 40 year member of S.A.G. of America and a 39 year member A.C.T.R.A. Canada.

James has written a wide range of tax and wealth planning topics in various publications such as (Click on CRA/Tax Saving Strategies and CRA/Tax Saving Benefits): The Advisor – “Leveraging the TFSA“, “RRSP: the Big Tax Grab“, “Are RRSPs a Fraud“, “Watch out for Double/Triple Taxes“, “Tax Free Retirement“, “PPP The Future of Retirement“.

He is invited to speak at financial literacy conferences, unions, and charities. James spends a great deal of his free time holding generational wealth seminars and behavioural investment coaching.

Zaza Financial is a wholly owned division of the Zaza Financial Group of companies. The Zaza Financial Group is a privately held Canadian based company that offers peace of mind by providing access to highly experienced tax lawyers, pension lawyers, pension officers, research analysts, retail money managers and actuaries.

Zaza Financial has built strong strategic alliances with some of Canada’s highly regulated and well-capitalized companies in the banking and insurance sector to offer clients the best-in-class service providers.

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