Cannabis in the Workplace: Policies, Planning To Avoid Liability and Industry Stigma

11:35 - 12:00, Vela C (Orion A)
David S. Reiter, Lorenzo Lisi
(Presentation) Canada does not require or regulate employee drug testing in potentially hazardous workplaces like manufacturing plants, on construction sites or for transportation businesses (including aircraft operators, taxis/rideshares or commercial vehicle operators such as trucks, trailers, etc.). However, there is a legal requirement to ensure that the workplace is safe and that the health and safety of workers and those they impact/serve, is paramount. Employers can be held accountable for any legal issues associated with employee drug (i.e. cannabis) and alcohol use while on the job or in the workplace. In light of legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, who might hold liability and become accountable for related workplace accidents, injuries or deaths?
Join our panel of experts and learn what policies should be in place to represent employers when worst-case scenarios occur. Also, how can these policies assist in aiding and protecting the reputation of the cannabis sector from negative stigma witnessed in alcohol-related accidents? What resources are available for cannabis-sector participants to educate their networks, clients and related business owners on employment and health and safety risks in preparation for nation-wide cannabis accessibility and use? How can we promote positive cannabis-use policy development and enforcement in our own workplaces and beyond.