Creating, Building and Rejuvenating Your Brand and Strategy

14:15 - 14:40, City Hall Room
Jared Mirsky

(Workshop Presentation) This fast-paced, highly interactive program comes from the master of modern cannabis branding and marketing. It combines cutting-edge academic thinking and proven techniques to inspire and enable you to create and manage a powerful brand. Guided by Jared Mirsky, CEO and Founder of Online Marijuana Design — the largest cannabis branding agency in the world and two-time Dope Magazine Industry Awards winner for “Best Cannabis Design Firm” —you’ll gain insight into his innovative approaches and learn how to apply them in practice through real-world cases and structured exercises.

You’ll learn how to use marketing and branding to build a profitable and enduring business and gain new insights into the importance and value of a strongly differentiated brand. You’ll come away empowered with new knowledge and skills you can apply immediately to increase customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and profitability.


  • The Creative Brief Process (How to Prepare for Branding)
  • Logo Design & Development (The Value of a great logo and differentiation)
  • Brand Strategy (Planning for the future the right way, the first time)
  • Copywriting (How to Story Tell the right way)
  • Packaging (Do’s, don’t, tips and things to consider when going through this process)
  • Sales Collateral (How to create effective Sales Collateral)
  • Website Design (What your website should do, have and say about your company)